Design. Build. Deliver.

Our principles revolve around designing, building, and delivering robust products in the realm of industrial automation.

NEWSTEDER was founded out of a desire to provide effective industry automation solutions. We specialize in designing and building intelligent machine components that take much of the hassle out of production environments. Simplicity and reliability are critical to our customers, companies with businesses that depend on uninterrupted production.

The Team

A photo of Harris Newsteder, the founder of NEWSTEDER.

Harris Newsteder


I’m a mechanical engineer from the University of North Florida.

For the past six years, I have been designing and implementing mechatronic systems with a focus on simplicity and robustness.

I have been deeply involved in all aspects of mechatronic engineering starting from a philosophy of rapid prototyping followed by a top-down (or “Cathedral” style) design.

My intention is to create products and machines that are effective, reliable, and a joy to use.

A photo of Blake Nazario-Casey, a controls engineer for NEWSTEDER

Blake Nazario-Casey

Controls Engineer

Since 2014, I have been developing software that emphasizes a positive end-user experience.

With a background in computer science and a focus in robotics research, it is my goal to provide quality products that serve a purpose.